Flaxseed for Baby Constipation: Flax Seed for Infants

Many parents wonder if flaxseed or the oil should be given to constipated infants. Flax seed is more nutritious than flaxseed oil because it contains protein, vitamins, minerals, lignans and fiber. Flaxseed oil contains no fiber and very little lignan. Some people prefer flax oil for its omega-3 fatty acids and not having to grind the seeds. For constipation relief and dietary fiber, use flax seeds and not the oil.

Homemade Children Laxative Recipe: Apricot Prune Jam

This apricot prune jam recipe is an easy homemade laxative that adds fiber to your child’s diet.  The best way to relieve constipation in children is through a high fiber diet and exercise. Children need 19 -26 grams of fiber per day depending on their age: Kids 1 to 3 years: 19 grams Kids 4 […]

Milk and Child Constipation

This video discusses the relationship between milk and constipation in children.

Children Homemade Laxative Recipe – Child Constipation Remedy

This home made natural laxative recipe for children is commonly suggested to promote regular bowel function by increasing soluble dietary fiber. These fibers add bulk to the stool by absorbing water in the colon and softening the stool. The bulk stimulates the intestinal muscles causing the softened stool to travel through the colon more quickly. […]

Natural Constipation Remedies for Children

Generally in children constipation is best treated by dietary changes and exercise. Natural remedies may initially be needed to provide immediate relief. Once constipation is alleviated, constipation recipes given in reduced amounts can help maintain prevention in the cases of chronic constipation. Contact your doctor if you have any concerns about the safety of using […]