Cat & Dog Constipation

Dog Constipation – Homemade & Natural Remedies

Dog constipation typically occurs as they get older, lack of exercise, and poor diet.  Constipation in dogs can also occur due to the ingestion of objects such as sticks, trash and other not easily digested objects.  Bones can also be difficult to digest.  Indigestible objects can lodge in the intestines causing blockage in your dog’s […]

Cat Constipation – Feline Natural Laxative Remedy

One of the most frequently occurring digestive disorders of cats is constipation. Constipation is most common in middle-aged and older cats. There are many home remedies including natural laxative remedies to relieve constipation. There are many reasons that a cat can’t, or won’t defecate. Cats can be reluctant or unable to defecate because of behavioral […]