Flaxseed vs Flaxseed Oil – Flax Seed Uses

Flaxseed is the seed of the flax plant, grown throughout Canada and the northwestern United States. Flaxseed and its derivative flaxseed oil (also called linseed oil) are rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). ALA is a type of plant-derived omega-3 fatty acids, similar to those found in fish such as salmon. Flaxseed is commonly used to […]

Flax Seed vs Psyllium for Constipation Relief: Flaxseed or Psyllium

Flax seed fiber contains a better natural healthy balance ratio of insoluble fiber to soluble fiber than psyllium. Flax has a balance of 65-75% insoluble and 25-35% soluble fiber. Psyllium has much higher levels of soluble fiber, approximately 20% insoluble to 80% soluble fiber. Therefore, psyllium tends to gel more easily when mixed with water […]