Natural Constipation Remedies for Children

Generally in children constipation is best treated by dietary changes and exercise. Natural remedies may initially be needed to provide immediate relief. Once constipation is alleviated, constipation recipes given in reduced amounts can help maintain prevention in the cases of chronic constipation. Contact your doctor if you have any concerns about the safety of using natural remedies. The following remedies were found throughout the Internet.

Apple and Fig Juice
1 cup fresh apple juice
Equal amounts of fresh figs and raisins (you choose how many to use)
1 small apple

Pour one cup of apple juice in a blender. Add equal amounts of dry or fresh figs and raisins and a small apple. Mix ingredients in the blender. The consistency should not be too thick. Add a little more apple juice if needed. Drink this juice for a few days until you start to get some relief from your constipation.

Oat Milk and Fig Juice
1 cup oat milk (purchased from health food stores)
3 oz. of fig juice
3 oz. prune juice
Mix oat milk, fig and prune juice and warm. Drink first thing in the morning. This powerful drink will get your bowels moving.

Fig Smoothie
3 or more figs, fresh or sun dried
1 medium banana
1 tablespoon of honey or molasses*
1 cup of rice dream (a non-dairy organic rice based milk like substitute)
Mix ingredients in a blender. Drink first thing in the morning and any time after lunch or dinner to promote active bowel habits.
Do not give children under 1 years old honey because of the possibility of infant botulism

Prune Juice and Apple Sauce Remedy
1 cup Apple Sauce
1 cup Oat Bran or unprocessed Wheat Bran
¾ cup prune juice
Begin with 1-2 Tablespoon each evening mixed with or followed by one 6-8 ounces cup of water or juice. This should help to soften and regulate your bowel movements within 2 weeks. If no change occurs, slowly increase serving to 3-4 Tablespoons.
This may be stored in your refrigerator or freezer. One to two Tablespoon servings may be frozen in sectioned ice cube trays or in foam plastic egg cartons and thawed as needed.

Senna and Prunes
Boil one ounce of senna leaves gently in one quart of water. Strain off leaves and simmer liquid with one pound of prunes until all or most of liquid has been absorbed. Eat one to three prunes every two to three nights.

Chris Taloff’s Famous Poop Goop Recipe!
Contributed by Chris Taloff

  • 1/2 pound figs
  • 1/2 pound prunes
  • 1 cup molasses **
  • 1/4 pound powdered senna (from senna leaves if powder not available)
  1. Grind figs and prunes very fine and mix together.
  2. Warm the molasses.
  3. Stir senna into molasses thoroughly.
  4. Take the senna and molasses that has been mixed together off heat and put in figs and prunes.
  5. Stir well and preserve.

Dosage: Begin with 1/4 teaspoon every night before bed. It’s a maximum dose of 1/2 teaspoon per day. DO NOT EXCEED THIS MAXIMUM DOSE!!