Herbal Laxative Tea

Laxative tea is made up of various herbs to relieve constipation and detoxification. Although the main ingredient in most herbal tea is senna, other ingredients may include rhubarb root, ginger, licorice root, white mulberry, dandelion, fennel, annise, corriander, and caraway seed.

The purpose of using several herbs in laxative tea is because they compliment each other. For example senna is a strong and effective stimulant laxative. Stimulant laxatives cause muscle contractions along the walls of the colon to move waste along. Because of the strong contractions, senna can cause abdominal cramping. Ginger may be added because it is known to reduce cramping and discomfort. Rhubarb root is a milder stimulant laxative which compliments the senna.

Licorice root, white mulberry, and dandelion are used to promote the detoxification, increase energy, and give a balance to the body. The herbs fennel, anise, and licorice help to improve the functions of the digestive system. They also reduce abdominal pain caused by intestinal contractions. Coriander and caraway seed also reduces discomfort.

You can purchase laxative teas or make your own. Smooth Move by Traditional Medicinals is a very effective over-the-counter laxative tea. Ideally it is recommended that you drink the tea at night for morning relief. If you chose to consume more, do not drink more than 3 cups within 24 hours. Do not give to children under the age of six. Children between six and twelve year should drink ½ cup not to exceed 1 ½ cups within a 24 hour period. Before giving laxative tea to any child consult with your doctor. There are other remedies which should be tried first such as high fiber diet and exercise. Pregnant woman should not use laxative tea or any other stimulant laxative without a doctor’s approval. Stimulant laxatives may cause pre-term labor. Failure to produce a bowel movement after using a laxative may indicate a more serious problem. You should see your doctor.

Homemade Laxative Tea

Spring Cleaning Herbal Tea
Recipe By Jennifer A. Wickes

2 parts red clover blossoms
1/4 part olive leaf
1 part nettles
1/2 part chickweed
1/4 part fenugreek seed
1/4 part fennel seeds
1/4 part licorice

Mix ingredients and store in a covered container. Brew as below.

Herbal infusion in water :
1 cup water
2 tsp. herb tea
Boil water in a glass, enamel coated or stainless steel pan and take off the burner. Add the herb tea to the water. Cover, and let it steep for 10 minutes. Strain into a cup. Can be sweetened with honey.

Laxative Senna Tea

1 part senna leaves
1 part buckthorn bark
1 part anise seed
1 part fennel seed
1/2 part licorice root

Steep 1 tablespoon in 1-1/2 cups boiling hot water for 10 minutes. Sweeten as desired.