Prunes vs Plums – Are they the Same?

A prune is a dried plum. California produces more dried plums/prunes than any other part of the world. The fruit’s name was officially changed from “prunes” to “dried plums” by the Food and Drug Administration in 2001. However, many people still use the term “prune”. Prunes are generally known for being a laxative because they […]

Plum Jam Recipe – High Fiber Food

This plum jam recipe is great with whole wheat crackers or whole wheat toast. This is an easy way to add more fiber in your diet. 3 pounds firm plums, cut into eighths, seeds discarded 1/2 cup water 1 tablespoon lemon juice 7-1/2 cups sugar 1 (3-ounce) package commercial pectin Preparation: Place plums, water, and […]

Licorice Soaked Prunes Recipe

Licorice is known to be an effective mild laxative. It is not recommended for use by pregnant women as it may increase the risk of premature delivery. Licorice-Soaked Prunes ½ teaspoon licorice root ½ cup water 3 stewed prunes, 3 stewed figs or 2 stewed dates Make a tea by simmering the licorice in water […]

Children Homemade Laxative Recipe – Child Constipation Remedy

This home made natural laxative recipe for children is commonly suggested to promote regular bowel function by increasing soluble dietary fiber. These fibers add bulk to the stool by absorbing water in the colon and softening the stool. The bulk stimulates the intestinal muscles causing the softened stool to travel through the colon more quickly. […]

Natural Laxative Recipe – Rhubarb Remedy

Rhubarb Remedy 3 Stalks of rhubarb 1 Cup Apple juice 1/4 of a peeled lemon 1 tbl honey Puree three stalks of rhubarb without the leaves. Add one cup of apple juice, a quarter of a peeled lemon and one tablespoon of honey. It will make a thick, tart drink that should get your bowels […]